Hallowe’en Fun with Dogs: It’s Tricks FOR Treats Time!

Advanced Dogs Celebrating Tricks a couple of years ago!

Welcome to our Annual online Hallowe’en Competition for all to take part in! We call this Tricks for Treats and we are looking for Spooky and Hallowe’en Themed Tricks to be entered into our competition for FREE* so that our fab rosettes and prizes can be won!

We have an event page via Facebook with all the information on :


But if you don’t use Facebook don’t worry we have a fully inclusive sign up via our website so just sign up here to receive all of the information on the competition, ideas, how to enter and see the prizes on offer directly to your email inbox!!

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We have several classes so you can choose your preferred way to enter and you can enter more then once!! The classes are free to enter* and winners will receive special Hallowe’en rosettes from 1st to 3rd Place plus prizes. The special Charity Class is £1 per entry and is placed 1st to 6th Place plus prizes.

What are we looking for? Tricks!! Tricks with Hallowe’en props, a Spooky Theme or name, a Video recreation of your favourite Hallowe’en themed movie, any Tricks while you wear a Hallowe’en costume … !! You decide!

We are live on the main Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk Facebook Page just after midday today, Monday 18th October 2021, but that video will be saved to watch later.


*One class is a charity class at £1 per entry and ALL entry fees for this class will be going to the charity Broken Biscuits: