Online Training: Fun with your dog from your home!

We have run online Fun Training as Masterclasses, Courses and 121 sessions for several years and really enjoy the freedom online training gives our customers:

✅ Working at your own pace

✅ Accessing training as often as you like

✅ Work on Training at any time of the day you like

✅ Work with your dogs at home where you have everything to hand

✅ Not restricted by transport issues

✅ If your dog is uncomfortable in a class environment they have their own home instead!

Take a look at the short video below to see how our Online Training is presented for you:

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We have a long list of active Online Masterclasses, some that are running currently and some that are available as a complete masterclass for self study but still with advice and feedback given on the exercises.

For a full up to date list of what we have available online for Puppy, Senior dogs, Dog Sports, Canine Fitness and more please contact us or join our activities mailing list:

Join in with the fun!!

Most courses and Masterclasses are run via Teachable, while 121 Training sessions can be via Zoom, Facebook Live, Streamyard or other platforms depending on what you feel most comfortable with.

Screen Grab showing a dog training exercise taught online and the online dog training course layout
Screen Grab showing our Online Dog Training Courses presented via Teachable

Frequently Asked Questions:

🐶 I’m not keen on being on camera, do I need to be seen to do Online Training?

🐕 Don’t worry! Although us trainers need to be seen, for the Masterclasses and Courses online we don’t need to see you at all so there’s no option for cameras to be turned on and microphones are off too. For 1-2-1 training or live training there is the option to have your camera on so we can see your dog working and give feedback but this is always optional and we have lots of people not switching their camera on.

🐶 Can I ask a question when I do Online Dog Training?

🐕 100% YES! For Live sessions such as 1-2-1 Training or a Live Masterclass you can type questions in the message box from your phone, laptop etc which we will read and reply as part of the session. There are also often chances to give us questions before a live session or you can switch your microphone one and ask during the class.

With the Courses and Masterclasses via Teachable there is a comments section for every tutorial so you can ask as many questions as you like and we will reply within the course for you.

🐶 Are you sure Dogs can be trained via video?

🐕 We are very sure – we are training people who use the methods with their dogs, whether in person or online. Us trainers have all used Online Training ourselves during our continued professional development with our own dogs, and have run online training for years, helping hundreds of dogs and their owners! Online Training allows us to work with you close up, using our own dogs to demonstrate methods with, plus you can then rewatch any time for a recap. Methods are taught via talking, using our hand signals and with our dogs too. There are successful Dog Trainers who work solely online now and have people queuing up waiting for what their offer specifically!

🐶 I’m not very technical, I’m not sure Online Training is for me!

🐕 We send you a link to join or for courses you will be sent an email to open and click on ‘confirm’ and this takes you through to the Teachable pages. We also have various videos showing you each stage and where to click or we are very happy to talk you through it on the phone or as a video call so we can show you in real time.

🐶 What special equipment do I need to take part?

🐕 Nothing special at all. Just access to the internet with Phone, Laptop, Tablet or Computer, ensure you have internet/wifi where you are, and your dog! Oh, and rewards for the training! You don’t need a headset, microphone, special tripod etc.

🐶 If I try Online Dog Training and don’t like it after all can I return to in person training?

🐕 Absolutely! If you usually attend in person training with us or another Dog Club you will have no problems carrying on in person. If you have booked on to any of our Online Training you will also have that available to you for life so if you want to return to it to check something or try again in the future you can.

If you have questions you’d like to ask us directly, email us at

Screen grab showing how online dog training looks to the viewer
Joe Nutkins teaching Chin Target to Ripley during the Puppy Lifeskills Online Masterclass