Online Training

We have run online Masterclasses, Courses and 121 sessions for the last couple of years and really enjoy the freedom online training gives our customers with regards to working at their own pace, accessing content as often as they like and at any time of the day and able to work with their dogs at home so aren’t restricted by transport issues or if their dog is uncomfortable in a class environment.

Most courses and classes are run via Teachable, and 121 sessions can be Zoom, Facebook Live, Streamyard or other platforms. We have a long list of active Online Masterclasses, some that are running currently and some that are available as a complete masterclass for self study but still with advice and feedback given on the exercises. For a full up to date list of what we have available online for Puppy, Senior dogs, Dog Sports, Canine Fitness and more please contact us!

For more information please Contact Us or see details of the next courses on the Training Dates page plus we add some new Masterclass details below:

Latest Online Event:
“Walk This Way” – Loose Leadwalking Masterclass Online: taking you and your dog through a large variation of stages from why dog’s pull to gaining focus through to the full leadwork methods themselves. If your dog pulls on walks through excitement, distraction or when barking then this online course will give you a huge amount to work on, with the added option of then coming to work with us in person at our training premises with real life distractions including other people and dogs! Contact us for the full details and to book.

Puppy Pre-School Online:
Our Puppy Pre-School Masterclass is aimed at people soon to be bringing home their new puppy or for families who have just brought home their new puppy and would like to cover lots of the most commonly asked topics of puppy ownership including, but not limited to, settling puppies in, beginning toiletting training, teething issues and solutions, preventing play biting, gaining focus on ourselves, introducing new puppies to existing dogs and other pets … and much more!! For the full details on this extremely informative Masterclass please let us know!

Recall Online Masterclass re-running due to popular demand!
I’ll Be Back Recall Masterclass is running February 2021! This is run entirely online via our Teachable platform and takes you and your dog through a vast number of levels of training from foundations onwards.

For full information on Recall Training please contact us!

Webinar on Pain in Dogs:

Our Free Zoom Talk that ran Saturday 16th January 2021 entitled “Dogs and Pain: Understanding, Identifying and Preventing” is available at this link:

Online Masterclass via Teachable – Wag and Tone:

Join us for 3 weeks of fun exercises for you and your dog to do together working on a range of fun fitness work. Each new section will provide a short workout with warm up, main exercises and cool down, with tutorials on the exercises, ideas for equipment that can be found at home, separate exercise workout video to be used whenever you want to do some exercise with your dog, and advice on creating your own Wag and Tone programme!

Taught by Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer, Joe Nutkins, along with her dogs Merlin and Ripley, the Wag and Tone training is designed to be fun for dogs and their families, lower impact, and suitable for most levels of fitness including alternatives for making exercises easier or harder.