Puppy Life Skills and Dog Obedience Classes

We run training classes for all breeds and ages all through the week, from Puppy Training, Beginners Training and Puppy Socialisation classes through to Intermediate and Advanced progressive levels of training. Whether you are a first time puppy owner, dog owner, an experienced dog owner, an introvert, extrovert or omnivert everyone is welcome with our Training Classes!

These classes run in 9 week structured block courses and allow each dog to progress weekly and develop their natural skills and instincts positively. Our classes are all held at our training venue in Ardleigh, either in our Training Barn or in the enclosed paddock, depending on the time of year and the weather!

Our weekly classes are one hour per week and for puppies they can start in our classes once they have their Vaccinations – usually from 10-12 weeks onwards.

As experienced instructors and dog handlers ourselves we understand there is more than one method for teaching an exercise, and have numerous methods to enable all breeds and breed types of dog to understand what we are asking from them. This also means we can work with dogs with mobility difficulties, vision impaired, deaf etc.

We enjoy working alongside dog owners within the classes to help them develop their handling skills and a technique that is best suited to their own dog’s breed and individual personality.

Exercises we include in our Puppy classes include:
✅ Focus work – Watch Me, Nose Touches
✅ Heel Position (beginning of Heelwork)
✅ Sit and Down Stays for Safety
✅ Leave It
✅ Emergency Stops
✅ Talks on Playbiting, Jumping Up and Separation Anxiety
✅ And MUCH more!

We welcome spectators to our classes so please contact us if you would like to come and view the premises, watch a class in action and have the opportunity to ask any questions face to face! Please see the Training Dates page for information on class days and times – you can also take a look at our Introduction Pack including information about our Puppy and Beginners Training Classes by clicking here: Puppy Classes Info

Intermediate Training:

Following on from Puppy / Beginners level and for Teenage Dogs / Adolescent Dogs / Adult Dogs we have our Intermediate Level Training Classes.

Our Intermediate level Training Classes run on various days and times each week and are designed for dogs to continue their training following the Puppy Foundations, whether with us or with local training clubs, as well as providing dogs who have had training at home with a way to progress in a class environment.

There are no age limits for Intermediate but typically dogs join around 6-12 months upwards and can be in this level class any time during adult years. We have follow on sessions for Dogs to continue progressing their skills further with Intermediate 2, 3 and Gold. These are the same class times but we progress each dog at their own level and pace.

Exercises at Intermediate Level are tailored for each class depending on the dogs’ needs, but tend to include:
✅ Target Training / Sendaways
✅ Recall Training
✅ Foundation progressions for Sit, Down, Stand, Focus etc
✅ Stays (Sit, Down, Stand etc)
✅ Retrieve / Fetch
✅ Formal Heelwork
✅ Emergency Stops Progression
✅ Tricks here and there to suit each group
✅ And more!

Head to our dedicated Teenage Dogs page for details on further training plus our FREE Teenage Dogs survival tool!! Teenage Dogs HERE

For details of the next course see the Training Dates page

If you would like to start your Puppy on their training but cannot make weekly classes due to shift patterns, travel issues or the class dates do not fit, we also run Puppy Lifeskills Masterclasses both online and in person!

We have run these regularly for around 10 years, updating and progressing as puppies’ and owners’ needs develop.

These sessions are not only popular for people who need an alternative to weekly classes, but also serve as an initial step for puppies waiting for their regular classes to begin (with discounts for dogs doing a one off Masterclass then going into weekly Puppy Classes).

Once completing our Lifeskills Masterclass your Puppy or Beginner Dog will have the understanding to:
✅ Sit, Down and Stand on your cues – great for grooming, examination etc
✅ Focus on you
✅ Beginnings of Recall
✅ Move in to Heel Position
✅ Stay in one place on cue
✅ Start walking nicely on lead (Or prevent pulling from starting!!)
✅ Reduce and Stop Jumping Up and Playbiting

And more!

Our in-person Puppy Lifeskills Masterclasses run as a one off 2 hour session for up to 4 Puppies (we can include beginners dogs who are starting at the beginning). In these sessions we work through all of the exercises as well as providing handouts with the exercises on pulling on lead and jumping up/playbiting. Each dog has the chance to have their training tweaked to suit them and their owner better. A chance for puppies to start their foundation skills training while working on their full socialisation of being near dogs, people, birds flying overhead, traffic passing on the nearby road (other side of the fence!) and with us helping if they become distracted, worried or over excited!

Our next session is due to run: Saturday 25th May 2024 2-4pm.


Online Puppy Lifeskills Masterclass – Self Study with Support!

Our online Puppy Lifeskills Masterclass is available as a self paced course; you can access the materials any time you like, go back through tutorials, post questions, even send us videos for feedback on the exercises! The online course contains several bonus exercises including Settle, Chin target for examination and more, plus it gives you the chance to work on your dog’s training no matter the weather outside, if your car is in the garage, or if you need to stay home for a delivery!

Online training is extremely effective and can benefit puppy owners who want to get started
before their puppy is technically ready to go out following vaccinations, or if you have a dog
who is nervous about leaving the house or being
in a new place they can work with you in the comfort and security of your own home while
they gain confidence to start going out more.

You can take a look at what the Puppy Lifeskills Masterclass online has to offer by clicking the link here: Puppy Lifeskills Preview

We also have bundle’s available to start with the online Puppy Lifeskills Masterclass and then come to us for weekly training or to stay online and try the Intermediate Skills Masterclass or our weekly online obedience classes, each with discounts for doing the Puppy online Masterclass first. Contact us for more info on all the options!

Book into our Online Puppy Lifeskills Masterclass for only £35 with access any time, as often as you like, from any device: Click HERE for details or to Book

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Online Masterclass taught by Joe Nutkins
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Online Dog Training via Teachable