Puppy and Dog Obedience Classes

We run training classes for all breeds and ages all through the week, from Puppy and Beginners Socialisation classes through to Intermediate and Advanced progressive levels of training.

These classes run in 9 week structured block courses and allow each dog to progress weekly and develop their natural skills and instincts positively. Our classes are all held at our unit in Ardleigh, either in our unit or in the enclosed paddock, depending on the time of year and the weather!

Our weekly classes are one hour per week and for puppies they can start in our classes once they have their Vaccinations – usually from 10-12 weeks onwards.

As experienced instructors and dog handlers ourselves we understand there is more than one method for teaching an exercise, and have numerous methods to enable all breeds of dog to understand what we are asking from them.

We enjoy working alongside dog owners within the classes to help them develop their handling skills and a technique that is best suited to their own dog’s breed and individual personality.

We welcome spectators to our classes so please contact us if you would like to come and view the premises, watch a class in action and have the opportunity to ask any questions face to face! Please see the Training Dates page for information on class days and times – you can also take a look at our Introduction Pack including information about our Puppy and Beginners Training Classes by clicking here:

For details of the next course see the Training Dates page