Senior Dog’s Month: Celebrating our Older Dogs!

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Senior Dog’s Month: Celebrating our Older Dogs!

Did you know November is National Senior Dog’s Month? It’s also Adopt a Senior Pet Month too!! All this month we are celebrating our Golden Oldie’s with a host of activities including free online mini classes and talks, information, and our in-person Senior Dog’s Class which was on 6th November. […]

Fireworks and Dogs – decompression time

Fireworks Week! So we have had plenty of Fireworks this week already but there may be more on the way over the coming nights and weeks and of course there’s Christmas, New Years Eve and potentially a few November and a December birthdays being celebrated with fireworks too. So many […]

Looking after our dogs over the Winter Months

As we are heading towards the end of October and are starting to see more autumnal days we may find that we are having less chances to do activities with our dogs, fewer places can be hiked for as long as we might like due to the darker mornings and […]

Hallowe’en Fun with Dogs: It’s Tricks FOR Treats Time!

Welcome to our Annual online Hallowe’en Competition for all to take part in! We call this Tricks for Treats and we are looking for Spooky and Hallowe’en Themed Tricks to be entered into our competition for FREE* so that our fab rosettes and prizes can be won! We have an […]

Canine Arthritis Awareness Week: Puppies, Adult and Senior Dogs listen up!

Today marks the start of National Arthritis Awareness Week and this also includes Canine Arthritis too. We are keen to help as many dog families as possible learn how Osteoarthritis can affect dogs of all ages, lifestyles, physical health and breed types including how to prevent, identify, manage and more! […]

Grass Seeds : Danger hidden in plain sight!

Truely a foe to our Dogs – grass seeds can cause a wealth of health issues!! Grass Seed and Foxtail season isn’t quite fully over yet – there are a lot less new grass seeds growing but there are still plenty of dried grass seeds on the ground and in […]

Would You Like To Learn Tricks with your Dog?!

Tricks Training is incredibly fun for our Dog’s to work on with us and one of the best factors with Tricks is that there are hundreds to choose from so you can choose what suits your dog best and adapt it for your dog’s own abilities and needs.We have a […]

Moving House with our Dogs: Helping Dogs with a Big Change

Moving house is a huge event in our lives and can be very stressful for us dog owners with trying to prepare the house for viewings, showing people around (especially during CoVid the last year!), keeping the house ready for people to view, finding our next home, putting in offers, […]

Canine Hoopers is coming Monthly!!

We are really excited to finally be able to start our Monthly Hoopers Classes this month!! Aimed at dogs and owners who have started their Hoopers Training and have trained in Hoopers at least 2-3 times to have covered all the equipment and be ready for progressing their skills and […]

Puppy Socialisation FREE Downloads!!

Welcome to Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk’s Puppy Preparation Free Pass!! – You’ll soon receive your FREE Puppy Socialisation Guide along with our FREE Webinar on Puppy Socialisation and how to prepare your new puppy for the outside world!! Just click on this link below for the last stage […]