Is Your Dog a VIP??

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Is Your Dog a VIP??

Our VIP Club Membership for Very Important Pooches is opening back up during August for new intakes!! If you enjoy trying new things with your dog both in person and online, like finding out about new dog related products or services, would like to find out first when there are […]

Hoopers Fun Training this weekend!!

We are excited to finally be running another Hoopers Fun Training session this Saturday, 31st August at 2pm-4pm! We will be working on skills like rear and front crosses, sending ahead and giving our dogs a ‘keep going’ cue when there is a straight line or a large arc of […]

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction aka Doggie Dementia

This week is Dementia Awareness Week so we are focusing on Canine Dementia – yes this is a real thing. Also known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), dementia in dogs is something that can occur in dogs who are older. Signs of Canine Dementia can include: Playing less or reluctance […]

Puppy Socialisation – in and out of Lockdown!

Puppy Socialisation is something that is mentioned a lot when someone brings a new puppy into their family and also something we hear a lot as dog trainers and behaviourists when new dog owners are enquiring about classes; ‘do you run puppy socialisation classes’? But what is Puppy Socialisation? One […]

Socialisation Advice – for Puppies, Adults and Senior Dogs!

Here is the link for my Socialisation Webinar – hot off the press!! I covered this topic last weekend on my radio show, The Dog’s Frolics, as it’s something that is hugely misunderstood and can be worked on even with restrictions and lockdowns and so many dog issues can […]

Dog – Centric Chat via Dog Desk Radio!!

Did you know that Joe runs a dog themed radio show called The Dog’s Frolics on Sundays 4-7pm? It’s in it’s first few weeks still but is receiving lovely feedback including dog owners calling the station to ask about their own dog’s needs which is great that we can help […]

Made in UK Day!!

So, coming a little late in the day, but today it is Made in the UK Day, which has been created by Make It and the aim is to help add focus to the skills, crafts and techniques that we have here and hopefully help them to not disappear […]

A Big Thankyou from me to you!!

Just a small update today as I wanted to send my sincere thanks to a few people who have been busy back in October with something called the Animal Star Awards! Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk have been nominated for the Best Trainer of the Year category and if […]

Returning to In Person Training – Provisional Dates

With the updates on Monday from the Government we have now got an idea of when we should be able to restart different areas of our training services. Our infogram shows provisional dates for when each type of training should be able to restart over the coming weeks and months, […]

Winter Walks with our Dogs!

We’ve had some wintery weather the last few days – even where I am in Clacton and we rarely get it here!! Some dogs love the snow; running, jumping, playing and eating it! Other dogs are not sure about the snow and don’t want to walk on it or sink […]