Parvovirus – Info for Pet Dog Owners

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Small terrier laying with head down low on a dark blue blanket with blue and white effect background

Parvovirus – Info for Pet Dog Owners

There have been numerous confirmed Parvovirus cases in dogs at vets in and around the Clacton and Colchester areas during April 2023, so here is information for Pet Dog Owners to help explain what Parvo is, how is spreads, how we can protect our dogs, and what to do if […]

Does your Dog like Biscuits?!

National Dog biscuit day February 23rd is officially National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – so let’s join in! There are so many dog biscuits available in pet shops, supermarkets, garden centres and online stores so it can be hard to choose!  My own dogs, Merlin and Ripley, prefer softer biscuits […]

Preparing Dogs and Puppies for Fireworks Season:

With October almost over we are racing towards Fireworks season which can be a stressful time for so many people and animals, and now is the time for dog owners to be preparing their young puppies for new fireworks experiences and for owners of dogs who have fears from fireworks […]

Happy Hallowe’en!!!

Or maybe; Happy Howl-o-ween!! It’s Halloween weekend so that’s this Saturday, Sunday and potentially Monday all focused on spooky happenings! But don’t worry, we have some advice to help you and your dogs breeze through the weekend; 🎃 Toxic Decorations:Halloween has some of the best themed props of any holiday […]

How do I teach my Dog to be calm and settled?

Imagine this scene; you’re in your back garden under shade, your dog is on their mesh bed closeby and just lounging on their side while you read a book, get some work done on the laptop or just relax. Or how does this idea sound; you’re invited to your local […]

Fireworks and Sounds Preparation in July!

You read this correctly!! We have our annual Sounds Preparation Campaign taking place in July 2022 which includes preparing puppies for all kinds of sounds as well as helping dogs who already have a fear of specific sounds. The most commonly found noises that dogs tend to be weary of […]