Training Classes

We currently offer regular training classes in:-

For more information on these structured courses please click on the links above.

We also have new classes and one-off training events starting every few weeks at Ardleigh plus have new dog activities coming our way all the time so please do enquire if there is something you are interested in.

Canine First Aid for Dog Owners and Dog Professionals:

We are thrilled to be hosting another Canine First Aid afternoon in May – we hold these each year usually aside from the last two during the pandemic. Canine First Aid training is taken by Dog First Aid and on completion provide attendees with an accredited certificate valid for 3 years, giving pet dog owners confidence that they can help their dog in an emergency, and providing pet dog professionals like trainers, dog walkers and dog groomers with essential skills and CPD.

You can book one of the last spaces here:

Senior Dogs Fun!

We launched our Senior Dog Classes and Senior Dogs Progress Awards in 2015 and have been privileged to work with a large number of older dogs to help give them lots of fun exercises to work on, strengthening exercises to keep them moving and brain work to help slow down cognitive issues.

We run Good Citizen Dog Scheme Training in our classes and in 121 as well as offering Puppy Foundation Scheme as well as arranging test sessions for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

Canine Hoopers is a fun dog sport for all ages and abilities – with no sharp turns or jumping involved it makes for a great all round activity. We not only offer Hoopers Training via our Accredited Canine Hoopers UK instructor, Joe, but also the Good Hooper Awards and Online Good Hooper Awards too!

Take a look at our Hoopers Information:

If Clicker Training is your interest then our CAP-1 Clicker Trainer, Kate, runs workshops in person and online at various times!

What is Clicker Training useful for?