Senior Dogs Training

We love our Golden Oldies and as part of our celebration of Senior Dogs
we have our very own Senior Dog’s Classes!!

Created and launched in 2014 our 2 hour Senior Dogs Classes are for all breeds over 7 years old and combine brain stimulation, body conditioning, fun and information on keeping your older dog young at heart!

Our next Senior Dog’s Class is running at our Ardleigh Training Venue on Saturday 26th November 2022 from 2pm to 4pm with breaks scheduled so the dogs are not working solidly for the whole 2 hours!!

If you want to do more with your Senior Dog take a look at our Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk Senior Dog’s Progress Awards ©!!

Launched October 2015 this award scheme is designed to provide your older dog’s with exercises they can learn and work on for brain work, balance, strengthening and body awareness, making these awards both fun and practical!!

Take a look at our Facebook Group –  which shows the guidelines for our Level 1 & 2 awards for all dogs over 7 years, and levels 1 & 2 for dogs over 11 years (and over 8 for Giant breeds).

For our Senior Dogs Progress Awards © there is the option of being assessed during our Senior Dog Classes or any of our training, one an allocated test day, or online video video or youtube link which can be uploaded on the Facebook Group or via email (Facebook will be seen quicker do our large volume of client emails) – once assessed we will confirm you have passed plus provide feedback and issue your Official Certificate!!

See below for the Senior Dog’s Progress Awards Information!

Check out Joe’s Ebooks especially for training senior dogs on Amazon here – Senior Dogs DO Learn New Tricks! An Ebook guide to easing your adult dog into veteran years and to help your senior dog enjoy their time with you even more!

NEW Super Skills for Senior Dogs – Tricks Training specifically for older dogs and also suitable for dogs with disabilities to achieve fantastic tricks! Check it out here

For details of the next course see the Training Dates page

November is National Senior Pets Month and we love to celebrate our Super Senior Dogs!!

We have a wide range of options for Golden Oldies from Online Masterclasses to In Person Workshops, Senior Dog’s Progress Awards to Ebooks aimed at caring for our Senior Dogs and even doing Tricks with older dogs!

Throughout November we will be providing even more for families with Older Dogs as well as advice for families with adult dogs to be able to prepare for the future. Activities in November include:

💜 Live and Recorded Talks online on looking after our older dogs

💜 Online Training Session aimed at Senior Dogs – working on mobility and cognitive function

💜 Online Training Class with exercises older dogs enjoy that also help strengthening the body and keeping the mind strong and active too

💜 In Person Training Session to work on a mix of exercises and to receive individual advice on a range of topics for Senior Dogs

💜 Fun Challenge to take part in with our Golden Oldies – aiming for a goal that is fun to work on and beneficial

💜 Offers on our published Ebooks aimed at Senior Dogs; ‘Older Dogs DO Learn New Tricks’ and ‘Super Skills for Senior Dogs’.

Will you be joining us?

Sign up today for our Guide to Preparing Adult Dogs for the Future and Helping our Senior Dogs avoid Discomfort and find out more about National Senior Pets Month!

Fletcher with his Age 7+ Awards!

Senior Dog’s Progress Awards© Scheme:

Our Senior Dog Progress Awards© launched in 2014 and we have had dogs passing these all over the UK and as far around the world as Australia! The Awards are available to all dogs aged 7 and over from anywhere in the world, and any breed types.

The aim of the awards is to encourage owners of older dogs to continue activities together and also for older dogs that maybe haven’t done any fun training previously to get started. There is a nice combination of exercises for brain stimulation, body conditioning and mobility.

There are two age ranges and each age range has two levels:
Age 7+ is for all dogs age 7 and above
Age 10+ is for all dogs age 10 and above (dogs 10 and over can still do the 7+ range too)

Then both 7+ and 10+ have Levels 1 and 2 to work on.

Each age and level has a variety of exercises to work on which are split into several categories and you choose from each category to work on exercises that will be best suited to your dog. The categories are:
? Body Awareness
? Targetting
? Stays
? Item Interaction
? Conditioning Exercises
? Walking

We have tutorials for the exercises in our Facebook Group which can be accessed here:

You can take a look at the guidelines and requirements for each level here!!

Age 7+ Level 1

Age 7+ Level 2

Age 10+ Level 1

Age 10+ Level 2

Apply for your Senior Dog’s Award Today!

Pepe with her 4 Awards!!