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Welcome to Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk, we are looking forward to hearing more about your dog and finding out how we can help you!

Is your Puppy looking for Lifeskills Training to prepare them for the future?

Do you have an Adult or Adolescent Dog that will benefit from some Brain Stimulation and guidance on Skills for home and on walks/days out?

Are you living with your Senior Dog and are concerned with future muscle loss leading to reduced mobility or Cognitive issues causing confusion?

Do you want to help your dog stay strong and fit to help for their futures?

Pet Dog Training, as well as Canine Fitness Training, is for all breeds and ages of dogs, from Puppy to Adult to Senior Dogs and we are here to help both you and your Dog!!

If you’re short on time or if you know what you are looking for for your Dog you can contact us for the information that will best suit your dog’s needs over on our Contact Us Page, but if you would like to find out more about what Training Services are available do come and take a look around our website and see what grabs your attention!

Any questions? Pop us a message on Email or our Contact Form and we’ll get those answered for you as soon as we can!

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Who We Are …

We are a centre priding itself on providing high quality dog training services in the form of classes, workshops and private training tuition. The Company’s core focus is to provide solid and thorough pet dog training to aid people’s enjoyment with their dogs at home and on walks – working with all breeds, all ages and all training levels. For those that enjoy training for fun or as a sport there are plenty of things to do from regular weekly Training Classes, to Agility, Canine Hoopers, Senior Dogs Training, Canine Fitness Work, One-off training days, Children’s Fun Classes, Good Citizens Medal Tests and more!

Our Training Services are available in person at our purpose built venue on the Essex & Suffolk border, as well as online and we are also available to bring our training to your club or venue. We can also be found throughout the year attending various Dog Shows to run Have A Go Training Rings as well as Tricks Displays to watch and draw inspiration from! We are usually at All About Dogs shows and Classic Festivals and Events shows that are in Essex or Suffolk, Essex Dog Day – come over and say hi as we love to meet people and their dogs!

Are you getting prepared … for National Pet Tricks Day???

Pet Tricks Day started in 2021 and is all about us doing more with our pets – Tricks are a great way to interact with our pets as we can choose tricks best suited to each pet, whether that is a Dog or a Cat or maybe a Rat, Parrot or Duck!

But did you know Tricks can also help with pet safety, help with injury and illness spotting, as well as being a great way to work on husbandry with our pets too!?

🐶 Having tricks our pets love to do with us can help them with mobility, cognitive functions, focus on us to find us if they get stuck somewhere.
🐶 When we work on tricks a few times a week with our pets we start to know how they will do them, what are their favourites etc. This means if they are feeling unwell, have hurt themselves or something unusual is happening we will spot it sooner when our pet doesn’t want to do their favourite trick or try to do it but Cann’t turn, or move a leg, or flap a wing etc.
🐶 Husbandry is also known as cooperative care and Tricks are great for this! Teaching a Give Paw helps us check paws for foreign objects like grass seeds plus makes it easier to trim paws and nails! Teaching a Chin Target can help with checking teeth and gums or evening brushing teeth! Teaching a good stand, down, play bow etc can help while we are grooming or examining our dogs too.

National Pet Tricks Day is on 30th September and we have a LOT in store for your dogs as well as your other pets too! If you want to get involved with this fun themed day we will have ways to take part – right now we are looking for clips of your pets doing their favourite tricks so we can flood the page with them!

Take a look at the National Pet Tricks FB Page:

https://www.facebook.com/PetTricksDay https://www.facebook.com/PetTricksDay

Fitness and Wellbeing for our Dogs:

Are you keen to learn more about how to preserve your dog’s physical and mental fitness, their overall wellbeing and discover a multi modal approach to dog ownership?

Our brand new and exclusive Canine Fitness Community has been designed and created for pet dog owners like you and I. Providing you with an online information and training hub via Teachable plus our own private Facebook Group for live events, talks, regular updates and check ins plus Q&A sessions we are here to provide advice and support for you and your dog – whether your dog is a Puppy, Teenager, Adult or Senior age.

Come and take a look at the information – no pressure to join us just take a look!!


It’s an exciting time for Dog Health and Fitness and we cannot wait to find out more about your dogs!!

All the information is ready to come to your inbox 🐶


Canine First Aid Training completed during May 2022!

Our most recent Canine First Aid Training was hosted by us in May 2022 and run by Dog First Aid – A fabulous afternoon learning about looking after our dogs, understanding how many injuries and accident can be managed before reaching a vets, and of course how we can help our canine clients during our training sessions.

** Covid-19 Update from March 2022: Our In Person Training Services are all running so we have all weekly classes in place along with 1-2-1 training and one off Workshops, plus we are still offering online support and training options to help dogs and their families with a wide range of training and activities. So if you cannot make a regular class, are not local to us or cannot attend an in person class there are many great ways to work with you dogs from home.

We are continuing to observe many CoVid-19 Protocols to help keep our customers and training team safe, despite general restrictions being no longer mandatory. These safety measures include:
* Social Distancing inside and outside – we have smaller size classes to help with this.
* Hand Sanitizing – we have Leucillin Spray available for everyone to use if you do not have your own. Please remember door handlers will still transfer any trace of Covid as well as colds etc. While we are cleaning them regularly and also trying to open then gate for people we still advise cleaning your hands after using the door or gate.
* Training Equipment – we are cleaning our hands before passing equipment to someone but please remember if you use something to ensure it stays out so it can be cleaned afterwards as it may be used in the very next class.

We will continue monitoring government guidelines as well as advise and guidance from Pet Industry Federation and CESG, who are the overriding bodies for Pet Businesses. If you have any questions or concerns please do let us know. We hope to make our training centre a place where everyone attending can feel safe and at ease, knowing we are putting our customers and team safety as a priority.

Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk Ltd share their passion and experience with owners and ultimately encourage a greater understanding between humans and animals. The instructors continually keep up to date with the best techniques, changing legislation, health and safety and research and the services cater for all breeds and all ages. We complete our Canine First Aid CPD training every three years, are fully insured and have insurance or certificates available to be shown on request – we are very proud of our experiences and qualifications and always very happy to show them!