Agility Classes

Our agility classes run all day on Mondays, from late morning through to the evenings, and are run as structured 6 week block courses.

The classes begin with helping the dogs to build confidence around the equipment and from the beginning teaching the dogs to work away from their owner.

In agility, dogs can work a course much better if they are looking ahead and listening rather than focusing on their owner by looking at them directly.

We do not lure train, but work on sending dogs forward. Once dogs have covered the basics we move them forwards to mastering individual pieces of equipment, linking equipment together and building to more complex courses once they are ready.

Our biggest focus during these agility sessions is safety, and therefore we keep our class sizes small, enabling more space to work in and less time waiting for your turn. Each dog that joins our agility classes has a health questionnaire completed for them which enables us to keep an eye on the heath and safety of all the dogs we work with.

We run two kinds of agility classes. We have regular agility, for all breeds of dog, over the age of 18 months. This uses all equipment and will ensure dogs build up to working on the equipment at the correct height for their size, in accordance to Kennel Club Agility guidelines. This means anyone wishing to compete in the future will have the necessary skills.

For dogs under 18 months we run Flatwork Agility, keeping every piece of equipment flat to reduce any risk of joint damage or injury. These classes are for all breeds, but we do ask that dogs have some basic obedience to ensure you get the most from the classes. Once a dog in Flatwork classes reaches 18 months they can continue with everything at its correct height, but have already learnt equipment names, linking courses, turning left and right etc.

Please contact us to come and watch one of our classes in action or for more information on the progression of agility training, the way we train or anything else regarding agility! Dates and times are detailed on the Training Dates page.

For details of the next course see the Training Dates page