Terrier Breed Classes

If you own a Terrier you will already know they have their very own personality and character!

Our breed classes have been designed around the Terrier personality to provide specialised groups based on what makes Terrier’s ‘tick’, taken by our instructor Joe Nutkins who has hands on knowledge of training Terriers within classes and one to one training for many years plus training her own Norwich Terriers.

The Terrier Breed Classes run as one of 2 hour classes. They contain talks on Terrier behaviours and the way terriers tend to learn as well as exercises taught to work alongside their natural instincts to channel their energy positively rather than trying to work against it.

The classes work with a combination of obedience, basic agility jumping and heelwork to music to give the dogs more variety for their personalities.

For details of the next course see the Training Dates page