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We aim to provide help to Dog and Puppy Owners for as many stages of training as possible – here are our most popular Online Masterclasses with more available via our Teachable Platform:

Puppy Pre-School – Coming Very Soon!


Puppy Training at Bronze Level: Ares achieving his Bronze Good Citizen Award in person following
completing our Puppy Lifeskills Masterclass!

Puppy Lifeskills Training

Puppy Lifeskills Masterclass: Our Puppy Training Masterclass has been designed to cover all of the exercises we usually cover in our weekly in-person Puppy Classes with a few extras so you can get started with your Puppy as soon as you like and work through the exercises at your own pace.

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Review to come:

Recall Training Masterclass

Willow enjoying her Recall Training! –
Photo Credit Art House Photography 2022

Testimonial from Sara with Treacle:
“Hi Joe, 

Although Treacle is 7 years I wanted to do this as I didn’t always have her complete attention, so this summer I wanted to work on that!!! I have been amazed by how many gaps I have got, so even going back to the very basics I’m hoping to fill them in.

I have been quite amazed how just playing with a toy with her several times a day and then putting it away has changed her and she’s watching my whereabouts more – even the little trick like switching off and not giving her free attention has also been fab!!…

… I would also like to say thank you : your tutorials are fabulous as you can interpret it to your own ability and you give so many different ways!

Awesome and thank you!”

Loose Lead Walking Masterclass

Puppy Training while looking fabulous – Harmony- Photo Credit Joe Nutkins 2022

‘Walk This Way’ – Leadwork Masterclass: Recall Training Masterclass aimed at Foundations and Progression for Puppies, Teenagers, Adult and Senior Dogs – whether starting training for the first time or working on refreshing their training,

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Popular Choice Online Masterclass:

Dog Fitness – Short Workouts Ideal for Winter Masterclass

“Trim in Ten” – Our Dog Fitness Masterclass Online: throughout the winter months dogs routinely loose a little muscle strength, show more signs of discomfort or a progression of things like arthritis and often we find our activities and sports have quietened down and our regular walks are boggy and muddy and unworkable! 

Trim in Ten provides a host of safe but effective workouts for your dogs that are around 10 minutes long! This means you can fit these in as well as having walks or other activities, plus there is either no equipment or just one item so you don’t need to spend time setting up and packing away afterwards either! 

We also have two workouts designed specifically for dog’s with diagnosed Arthritis too.
Taught by Joe Nutkins, Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer, Level 1 Certified in Canine Arthritis Management’s Online Professional Course and Certified in Application of Photobiomodulation.

*** Testimonial from Nicky with Ruby: ***

“Thank you very much Joe for this brilliant course. I’ve really enjoyed doing it, as has Ruby, and it has been so helpful being able to see you how each exercise is done by you showing us with your dogs, this has saved a few questions.

We’ve definitely learnt a lot of new things. Also by being online it means I can refer back to it time and time again, and look at things in more detail where required. I am happy to leave a review for you, please can you message me a link for the best way.

Please keep doing the online training :o)”

Contact us for the full details and to book or take a look at the information page:

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Before Your Puppy Comes To You / Before Vaccinations are Complete

Puppy Pre-School Online:
Our Puppy Pre-School Masterclass is aimed at people soon to be bringing home their new puppy or for families who have just brought home their new puppy and would like to cover lots of the most commonly asked topics of puppy ownership including, but not limited to, settling puppies in, beginning toiletting training, teething issues and solutions, preventing play biting, gaining focus on ourselves, introducing new puppies to existing dogs and other pets … and much more!! For the full details on this extremely informative Masterclass please let us know!

Email us at :
What’s App: 07809 117912

Doors opening for a limited time:

Adolescent Dogs Lifeskills Academy

Understand why your Teenage Dog is acting like an Adolescent and learn to communicate together again.

Enjoying our Adolescent Dogs!

Dogs go through a Teenage Stage just like people do and this stage can be hard work for families with dogs and owners feeling confused, frustrated and misunderstood. Have you found yourself muttering ‘oh my god, bloody dog!!!’ because your teenage dog has run off with your favourite cup, or pulled your sleeve on your jacket and split the seam?

Between 8/9 months and 2 years old dogs tend to find their natural breed traits come through and their natural instincts can be seen more. They can be ‘annoying’ with displaying some daft behaviours like laying on their back during a walk or barking for attention from us through to learning to open doors or digging in the garden!!!

No longer young puppies and not yet adults, adolescent dogs are going through a range of emotions, hormone changes, final growth spurts and developing bodies – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have support through this and learn to help our dogs be calmer and more enjoyable to spend time with?

That support is here!!

Our Online Teenage Dogs 8 Week Course will help you enjoy the time with your dog again and remove the daily battles trying to guess what our dog is going to do next!

No longer will you be struggling to understand why your teenage dog has done the latest crazy activity or need to hide your favourite sweaters from your dog’s mouth!

Instead of taking your belongings your dog could be
enjoying a game of fetch with you!

If you have a teenage dog you’ll be benefitting from these features:

✅ A weekly online class with Exercises taught by us with our dogs for you to work on at home in your own time – with exercises combining Focus, Recall, Lead Walking, Brain Stimulation, Steadiness (being able to settle!)

✅ Two live online group sessions over the 8 week course to answer your questions, show you methods and help with anything about teenage dogs!

✅ Private Facebook Group to ask about exercises and homework, show your dog’s training for feedback and for celebrating achievements and for support. You can also stay in the group after you’ve finished with the online course to join in conversations and Q&A sessions for future groups too.

✅ Help with commonly seen behaviours from teenage dogs such as jumping up at people, mouthing arms, barking for attention, taking items to invoke a chase from owners and more.

✅ Sign up and receive your free Teenage Dogs Focus Foundations Guide immediately – no waiting for the Course to begin!

✅ Access to the online 8 week course continuously so you can go back to check exercise tutorials, see what new questions are asked and new advice given etc.

Who is teaching this course?

Joe Nutkins, with Norwich Terriers Merlin and Ripley

Joe Nutkins will be your trainer for this 8 week course as well as hosting the two live training sessions. Joe has been taking Dog Training since 2005 and running Dog Training For Essex & Suffolk since August 2008, starting with Altogether Animals as Dog Trainer and Behaviourist. With 4 adult Norwich Terriers since 2000, plus a Chocolate Labrador being trained as an assistance dog for Dogs for Autism, Joe understands living with a Teenage Dog and the interesting times that come with this!

With 17+ years experience teaching classes and 1-2-1 training for families with Teenage Dogs we understand that daily living can be difficult and frustrating at times and want to help you understand your dog better and enjoy the time you spend with them more.

Some of your questions answered:

What if I have questions about exercises during the Course?

We encourage all taking part online to ask questions any time and also have the option of you filming your dog training and send it to us for feedback etc.

How do I access the course?

We use the platform Teachable where you will have each week’s content displayed along with the option to add comments and ask questions.

Do I need special filming equipment?

You don’t need anything apart from a away to access the internet! You can use computer, laptop, tablet, mobile. If you want to film your dog doing an exercise for feedback this can be done via phone camera and send to use on What’s App or upload to Youtube and send us the link, or in the Private Facebook Group. Just prop your phone up somewhere with your dog in view and film!

When does this course run?

The next course will be starting on 15th May 2023. The doors for this online course will be open to enrol from 1st May 2023 and will only be open for two weeks – with only 10 spaces available to ensure everyone gets our full attention!

Course, calls and support all given by Kennel Club Accredited Dog Trainer Joe Nutkins.

What will this course cost?

Just £81.60 one off investment (payment plans are available too) and includes access to the course tutorials for life.

Our Online Adolescent Dogs 8 Week Course will be starting restarting 15th May 2023 and is packed with content, advice, myth busters and help just for you.

Register here to receive an email when the enrollment window opens so you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enjoy training with your dog on fun and productive exercises!

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