Canine Conditioning, Fitness and Strengthening for all ages

Joe Nutkins is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer and runs Canine Conditioning for dogs of all ages to help with a host of areas with our dogs, including one to one and classes. Joe has also passed the CAM (Canine Arthritis Management) Level 1 Course for Pet Professionals to be able to provide additional help and understanding around preventing, identifying and easing Arthritis symptoms in dogs of all ages ;

  • Conditioning and Strengthening for Canine Athletes to prevent Injury
  • Senior Dogs exercises to keep older dogs mobile and pain free
  • Puppy exercises to help with confidence and to prepare for older dog activities inc agility, flyball etc
  • Canine Conditioning workshops to learn about keeping your dog strong and fit
  • Conditioning as a follow on for dogs who have recovered from injury, illness or post surgery once signed off.

Conditioning work does not attempt to replace specialist work with a specialist such as a canine physical therapist, chiropractor, hydro or laser therapist or veterinary specialist.

We also offer Wag and Tone fun workshops throughout the year where you get to train with your dogs on gentle fitness exercises to get you and your dog active and having fun together and the class includes a support group on Facebook also with additional tutorials and exercise plans! 

We have developed our general canine fitness masterclasses into online sessions: we have Trim in Ten, various short workouts that can be completed in around 10 mins as well as separate tutorials for the exercises for you to work your dogs on to help with body awareness, strengthening, balance and confidence especially ideal for during the winter!

We also have our Wag and Tone online Masterclass – this is gentle fitness for dogs and their owners to work on together.

For details of the next course see the Training Dates page
We have our next Canine Conditioning and Fitness Workshop running Saturday 30th April 2022 2-4pm; part of our monthly Canine Fitness Training and with exercises ideal for helping dogs stay strong plus it’s part of April’s Canine Fitness Month!

Canine Fitness and Conditioning Workshop running Saturday 30th April 2022

We have our next Canine Conditioning and Fitness in-person Workshop running Saturday 30th April 2022 at 2pm-4pm which will be suitable for almost all dogs to take part in and benefit from:

🐶 Puppies – for confidence building, socialisation with dogs, people, equipment, textures
🐶 Adult Dogs – maintenance strength, muscle tone for activities and sports, preparation for the future
🐶 Senior Dogs – working on identifying weaker points to strengthen them, ways to help reduce discomfort
🐶 Dogs with Medication – some chemo and other meds cause muscle weakness so we can help strengthen again!
🐶 Dogs with known Joint, Muscular or other issues – once diagnosed we can help keep the body strong and show you what signs dogs can give that they are in discomfort.
🐶 Dogs recovering from an Operation on a health issue or after injury or illness – if they have been signed off of physio, chiro work etc then Conditioning work can be a natural progression!

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Catch up with us throughout April as it’s officially National Canine Fitness Month:

Join us for our next Online Canine Fitness Challenge!!

If you are interested in your dog’s fitness and strength then why not join us from 13th April 2022 for our FREE Online Canine Fitness Challenge!

Running for 5 days / evenings we have tutorials and information for you about Canine Fitness and Strengthening, why they are important and some foundation exercises to start learning. Our aim is after 5 days you will have a better understanding of what your dog’s stance and movement is showing you, how to record data about your dog’s fitness conditioning and some foundation exercises in place to work on!

Run by Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer Joe Nutkins, who is also certified with Canine Arthritis Management Level 1, certified in Kinesiology Taping and has been running Canine Conditioning training since 2015.

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