Tricks Training

We have Certified Tricks Instructors from Do More With Your Dog and provide Tricks Training within our classes as well as in 1-2-1 training, Tricks Workshops and in Joe’s Facebook Trick Class, Cassimas Maximus!

Tricks Training opens up a world of fun and adventure for our dogs with various styles of tricks to suit every breed, age and training level of dogs and several levels of training to work through. 

For details of the next course running on Saturday 4th November 2023 see the Training Dates page and the info below!

Our fun Halloween and Autumn Themed Tricks Session includes lots of exciting ways to spend time with our dogs such as:

🐶 Tricks – Actions and using Halloween Props

🐶 Heelwork to Music – Moves, Poses

🐶 Canine Parkour – Using Props and Themed Obstacles!

Limited space already so book your dog in ASAP so you don’t miss out!! This session is in person at our Ardleigh Training Venue CO7 7LS

🥳 Halloween Themed Online Party!! 🥳

Can’t get to us for the in person Tricks Sessions?

Our Online Sessions are designed for you and your dog to join in from the comfort of your own home / garden – providing your class for you to join in on, learn, ask questions etc with no limitations over distance!

Halloween Themed Online Party – includes Fun things to work on, Games, Q&A to ask about Tricks you have started but may need help on plus guarantee of some bloopers from our resident dogs, Merlin, Ripley and Pepper!!

Online Training is perfect for you if:

🐶 You love trying something new but cannot make in person training dates and times

🐶 Your dog is nervous somewhere new / away from home

🐶 You don’t live near somewhere that runs these types of training

🐶 Your dog cannot focus well at a training centre / hall

🐶 You have chronic illness and need to save energy – travelling and training don’t always mix!

🐶 You’d like to be able to go over the whole class again at a later date and redo the exercises – joining our online sessions also provides you with the replay too!

🐶 You don’t drive or are currently without transport

🐶 You have a new puppy / dog and cannot leave them to go out

Online Training is for everyone!! All you need is access to internet, via phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and if you’d like to have feedback on the exercises you’ll have your camera on but typically you can attend without needing to be on camera yourself!! We even use mute!

Our next Online Fun Training will be end of October 2023 – message us for details or join our Events and Activities mailing list for up to date info!!

Join in the fun here!!