Canine Arthritis Awareness Week: Puppies, Adult and Senior Dogs listen up!

Today marks the start of National Arthritis Awareness Week and this also includes Canine Arthritis too.

We are keen to help as many dog families as possible learn how Osteoarthritis can affect dogs of all ages, lifestyles, physical health and breed types including how to prevent, identify, manage and more!

We have created an online course just for you for FREE which provides you with videos, stats, written info and more to help with understanding Canine Arthritis and if you want to learn more then we high recommend CAM – Canine Arthritis Management with the lovely Hannah Capon.

To take part all you need to do is sign up to receive our welcome message and we will enroll you on the free course run via Teachable – after some social media went down earlier this week we are playing it safe and not staying on social media for the information!!

After enrolling you’ll be signed up to the course and will receive receiving an email from

On signing up we will also enrolling you into the online course and you’ll receive an email direct from Teachable asking you to confirm your email and then taking you through to Teachable, or if you have done courses online with us before you may find the course appears in your account without the Teachable email.

If you have any questions please do let us know! Canine Arthritis Awareness Week is all about helping our dogs for the future and for the present and the information is aimed at owners of Puppies, Teenage, Adult and Senior Dogs!!

There’s nothing to loose, everything to gain!