Puppy Socialisation – in and out of Lockdown!

Photo Credit: Lucy Newson

Puppy Socialisation is something that is mentioned a lot when someone brings a new puppy into their family and also something we hear a lot as dog trainers and behaviourists when new dog owners are enquiring about classes; ‘do you run puppy socialisation classes’?

But what is Puppy Socialisation?

One theory with a great deal of puppy owners is that socialising means finding a place with lots of puppies and letting them all play together. It sounds like a puppy lovers dream but this isn’t true socialisation. It can teach puppies to interact, but can also teach dog’s to bully others, or to become more weary of new dogs, as well as often teaching puppies to run over to every dog they see on a walk which can be overwhelming for many other dogs and potentially dangerous for your puppy if they then receive a defensive bite from a nervous dog or a dog recovering from being unwell etc.

Socialisation, in it’s true form, is providing your puppy with as many new experiences as possible where you are there to help them be positive or to help if your puppy is unsure at first. These experiences shouldn’t be limited to meeting other puppies and dogs but should include new sounds, sights and smells including various textures and ground surfaces, multi household appliances, different types of people, public transport (either passing by or to travel on), doing lifeskill in various places etc.

We have created a webinar with advice on Puppy Socialising – take a look and do share with any friends or family members you may have who are bringing their new puppy home soon! This webinar gives advice for socialising during lockdown as well as ‘normal’ circumstances so hopefully will help puppy owners at any time.


If you have a question or feedback do feel free to comment on the Youtube post itself or let us know!!

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