Dog Training during Tier 4 Restrictions

Update regarding Dog Training with Tier 4 in place :

Yes I’m meant to be off work having a rest but let’s face it I need to keep up to date!

So with the Pet Industry Federation guidelines (in the photo) and CFSG guidelines (in the link) being updated 24th December they now show that in Tier 4 areas we cannot train indoors at all, but can continue with 121 training outside, but cannot run any outside classes unless all attendees are from the same household, which is what we call a family 121 session rather then a class!

Therefore unfortunately we will need to revert back to previous lockdown protocols and are unable to run any classes in person until the current restrictions are lifted back to Tier 2.

This means all classes already running from before Christmas will need to be postponed, and all new courses due to start in January will need to wait to begin.

I have a list of 15 current courses and 5 planned new courses to contact individually this week to give this update and provide several options as although in person is highly preferred for most of us (including us trainers!) there are still a lot of benefits to running training online and providing training tools, advice and support while there are no in person training classes allowed to run. If I haven’t messaged you yet please be assured I will be this week!!

We continue to be here to support our training customers and class members and if we can help you in any way during this current lockdown please do let us know. If we can be the person at the end of an online conversation, help with advice on looking after your dogs during lockdown or can arrange a group zoom chat for several people please let us know!

Meanwhile, take care, stay safe, and we hope to see you soon xx

Joe and Team x