Neurodiverse and Inclusive for All Owners and All Dogs!

We just had National Dog Day so let’s look at a very important area of Dogs and Training that is also very close to my heart; Assistance Dog Training!

Since November 2021 I have been working with Aero the Chocolate Labrador Assistance Dog Puppy on a whole host of training topics as part of being Aero’s Early Days Family and her Trainer!

Aero, if you didn’t know, is a Chocolate Labrador who is working towards becoming a Dogs for Autism Assistance Dog, and who loves her autistic partner and family enormously!

Having an understanding of Autism, supporting a family with an Autistic member or members and learning more about how someone like me spending time with a family regularly can help through communication of the whole family is so important!!

I have been working with a lot of dog owners for many years and am proud to say I have several dog owners / handlers who are on the Autistic Spectrum training their dogs with a fantastic bond, but my goodness there is always so much more to learn and understand!

In the last few months I’ve been working through online courses by The National Autism Society which were focusing on five specific areas; ‘Understanding Autism’, ‘Autism, Stress and Anxiety’, ’Autism and Sensory Experience’, ‘Autism and Communication’ and ‘Autism: Supporting Families’

Understanding Autism

These five Certificates show just a small amount of information and I hope this allows me to support Aero’s wonderful family further as well as more families in the future!

Autism, Stress and Anxiety

As a Dog Training Centre we are so proud of Dog Owners for coming to us and working with their Dog – it can be emotional with dogs at times both with frustrations and sadness as well as joy and celebrations. Having Myalgic Encephalitis along with Fibromyalgia and a few other ’invisible illnesses’ I really do empathise with needing to plan ahead around our Dog’s training. There’s never one way to teach a training exercise and there certainly isn’t just one way to work with dog owners either!

Autism and Sensory Experience

We are incredibly proud to be Neurodiverse and all of our training classes, workshops and sessions include a huge amount of adapting exercises to suit each dog and owner plus we encourage our customers to converse with us about any specific needs and requests on how we can help training be as fun and productive as possible!

Autism and Communication

We love to talk to dog owners about their dogs, their dog’s needs and each dog owner’s needs too – drop us an email, text, WhAt’s App message or Facebook DM and we will be happy to see how we can help!

Autism: Supporting Families

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