How do I teach my Dog to be calm and settled?

Imagine this scene; you’re in your back garden under shade, your dog is on their mesh bed closeby and just lounging on their side while you read a book, get some work done on the laptop or just relax.

Or how does this idea sound; you’re invited to your local bar/restaurant and so go to meet your friend in the beer garden with your dog for the evening. You take a blanket and roll it out under your table and ask your dog to go to the blanket and settle, and in minutes you are deep in conversation while your dog is relaxed and safe from people tripping over them!

Does this sound like an unachievable dream?

The great news is that we can help our dogs learn ways to switch off and relax – in other words teach our dogs that settling is good for them to feel calmer overall, less stressed in specific environments, to give their body a rest following injury or illness and give their mind a rest if they are usually busy!

Plus a settled dog means they can come out with us to more places!

So would you like to teach your dog to Settle?

It is National Relaxation Day on 15th August so to prepare we are running our Free online 5-Day Settle Your Dog Training! With video tutorials, written step by step advice and lots of encouragement you have the tools to help your dog be able to Settle wherever you take them!

All you need is access to your emails, a few minutes of time each day to practise a couple of times and some motivation to work with your dog! It’s completely free and accessible for Puppies, Teenagers, Adults and Senior Dogs of all training levels!

Does your dog know how to settle? Firstly, well done, then feel free to join us for a refresher and progression! You can join in the fun and receive your digital certificate plus be in with a chance to win a prize!!

And yes there’s more reasons to take part then just an awesome training experience; everyone taking part will receive a digital certificate for participation plus there’s an extra comp on 15th to win prizes too!

Want to join in?

Click this link for the info:

Why might we want to teach our dogs to Settle?

🐶 Helps you be able to take your dog to more places such as Hotels overnight, Holidays, Out for Lunch, Picnics with friends etc

🐶 Aids rest and recovery after injury or illness when dogs are often showing boredom through browsing more energetically or trying to do things they shouldn’t!

🐶 Reduces stress in dogs through being given guidance on what they could be doing rather then worrying about what might happen next or what we are doing.

🐶 Helps your dog stay calm when you have visitors but having a base and their own safe space.

🐶 It is super useful and required with most assistance dog training as dogs need to be able to settle in new or familiar places when asked – to show calmness for their handler, stay out of tripping way and to provide support.

Join us with 5 Days of fun exercises and advice starting 11th August up until National Relaxation Day on 15th August when we will get to try our Settles and share photos or video of their Super Settles!

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