Socialisation Advice – for Puppies, Adults and Senior Dogs!

Here is the link for my Socialisation Webinar – hot off the press!!

I covered this topic last weekend on my radio show, The Dog’s Frolics, as it’s something that is hugely misunderstood and can be worked on even with restrictions and lockdowns and so many dog issues can be avoided if socialisation is done correctly.

For anyone who didn’t listen to the show (I won’t pull you up for that lol!) I’ve turned the audio into a webinar so more people can listen and hopefully have something to work on with their dogs. It’s not just Puppies that benefit from working on socialisation but dogs of all ages especially when things have changed for several months and then we expect our dogs to re-adjust again!

Have a listen / watch – remember I’m talking on the radio so I’m not looking at the screen like I would if recording an actual webinar! Feel free to share the link if you know someone with a dog who either hasn’t had much socialisation so far or can be a little nervous.

Take care of yourselves and your dogs!

Joe & Team x

Update August 2023 – The Dog’s Frolics has moved over to YouTube to provide exciting Podcast style information and interviews for you to learn more about enjoying your dogs!!