We’re still here to help you and your dogs!

With many changes in the guidelines from the Pet Industry Federation, DEFRA and CFSG we are doing our best to stay up to date, legal and safe for our training team and our customers during this second lockdown!

We have limited 121’s running in person at the Ardleigh training premises, as well as online 121 training sessions for things like Canine Fitness, Tricks, Puppy Behaviours and general training. We also have continued many weekly classes via online during this lockdown including new courses and masterclasses so there’s plenty for us to all be doing with our dogs currently!

We are planning on bringing all classes back starting on 2nd December as long as the restrictions are lifted and as soon as we know for sure that we can start back again we will be messaging everyone in classes to confirm, starting with the 2nd December classes! Courses that were due to start on 2nd December and 5th December are likely to need to move back a week or two due to the current courses needing to finish first but I will be confirming new start dates once we know for sure what is happening on 2nd December with the lockdown.

I’m running free Zoom session on Sunday 22nd November in the evening for Puppy Playbiting as we have several people in our current classes struggling with their puppies so I wanted to try and do something to help a few families. If you are interested in joining in and learning about solving your puppies play biting and jumping up issues message us or comment on this post via the Dog Training Facebook page and I’ll ensure you get the link.

Take care of yourselves and your dogs

Joe and Team x