Canine First Aid; who is it for?

Being our dog’s caregivers we have a lot to think about regarding their health and welfare; our dogs are a huge part of our families and we of course want them to be safe and happy.

We look at things we are able to work on such as our dog’s diet and nutrition, grooming, nail care, weight management, exercises and home environment and these can all really contribute to our dogs being comfortable, fit and pain free.

But there’s another level to our dog’s care which is preventing injuries as well as having an understanding of how to recognise when our dog is unwell or what may be hurting if they have an accident during play or out on a walk. First Aid training aimed at Dog Owners provides information about a host of different injuries and acute illnesses as well as how to help our dogs during a medical emergency to be able to then safely transport our dogs to the vets for more thorough treatment.

I’ve attended Canine First Aid training regularly for over 10 years, partly due to being a Dog Trainer and working with a lot of dogs, but mostly to ensure my own dogs are are as safe as possible. Each time I attend I receive a brilliant recap and refresher as well as learning about any updates in legislation or methods. I find the training a great mixture of informative and fun and feel so confident about taking my dogs to places and working with dogs too!

I now also have Aero; assistance dog puppy in training who is living with us for the next year while training as a Dogs for Autism dog. Having a dog under my care that isn’t actually my own dog holds a lot of responsibility and having the up to date information about First Aid for Dogs ensures I can continue Aero’s training in public places and enjoy her being a puppy with the back up of being able to tend to her if she were to become injured, hurt or fall unwell.

Canine First Aid training can be attended in person and sometimes online too – the is a Canine First Aid Training afternoon being hosted at Dog Training For Essex & Suffolk in Ardleigh on Saturday 21st May 2022 at 12noon until 4pm so you can be assured that your dog’s training team are up to date on their first aid skills!

Why not take a look at what is included in Canine First Aid Training – it’s not just for Pet Dog Owners but also perfect for people working with dogs such as Groomers, Walkers, Boarding, Trainers, Foster Carers and more!

For more information you can contact us about our sessions running at our premises annually (our next one after 21st May 2022 will be in 2023) on Text/What’s App 07809 117912 or use the above link to see the info.

Here’s what is covered: