Would You Like To Learn Tricks with your Dog?!

Tricks Training is incredibly fun for our Dog’s to work on with us and one of the best factors with Tricks is that there are hundreds to choose from so you can choose what suits your dog best and adapt it for your dog’s own abilities and needs.

We have a day dedicated to teaching you and your Dog Tricks including free mini masterclasses, tutorials, tips for working on tricks and much more!!

Chloe, Golden Retriever, enjoying her Paws Up Trick!

We use Tricks to help with focus in Obedience, to help with Co-operative Care such as Give Paw to help clipping nails, to introduce skills for Sports such as Hoopers, Heelwork to Music and Agility as well as being great fun for our Children’s Dog Training Classes, Puppy Training and Senior Dogs Fun Classes too!

As Certified Trick Dog Instructors, Joe Nutkins and Kate Gasson not only enjoy teaching tricks during classes and with their own dogs, but also get the fun of assessing dogs for their Tricks Titles, such as Do More With Your Dog and National Trick Star Awards. Tricks are definitely a huge part of our lives here at Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk!

National Pet Tricks Day is nearly here – taking place on Thursday 30th September 2021 we have a whole day of fun planned for Dogs as well as all of our other Pets too!! It’s a day celebrating Tricks Training providing fun with our Dog’s and Pets, increasing the bond we have with our Dogs and spending quality time together! In the lead up to Pet Tricks Day we have a host of Tips on starting Tricks Training, Tutorials for various tricks with various Pets, showcasing lots of the Pets doing Tricks at home already and much much more!!

Ensure your Dog doesn’t miss out on all this fun – sign your Dog up for National Pet Tricks Day :


We have lots of events planned for Pet Tricks Day on 30th September – starting your Dogs with focus exercises and how to follow a lure, foundation and advanced Tricks to try with your Pets, how to take great photos with your Dog posing and competitions for the most fabulous Tricks dog photos and videos too!!

If you’re on Facebook take a look at the Pet Tricks Day page where we have already for lots of Pets showing their favourite tricks!! Don’t forget to share a photo of your Dog too!


So, the last question for now is: What Trick have you wanted to teach your Pet for some time now? It could be your chance!

Joe, Merlin, Ripley and Echo!