Fireworks Week!

So we have had plenty of Fireworks this week but there may be more tonight so here is some advice you can use to her your puppy or dog:

Plus after the fireworks have finished, a dog that is fearful of the Fireworks will need time to recover mentally, emotionally and physically – this can be hours or even days as their natural levels of Adrenalin, Serotonin and Cortisol need a chance to return to normal. Allow your dog time to just sleep or rest, don’t expect them to do too much such as meeting dogs on a walk, learning something new or doing something very active.

We run our Noise Fears campaign each year during June to help dogs with fears of fireworks learn to stay calm and not feel stressed – if you’d like to be contacted in May to be invited to our free talks and webinars etc please drop us an email via the contact us page.