Made in UK Day!!

So, coming a little late in the day, but today it is Made in the UK Day, which has been created by Make It and the aim is to help add focus to the skills, crafts and techniques that we have here and hopefully help them to not disappear through not being used.

I spoke to Lisa from Mooch & Gander last week as they have some amazing people on their online pet marketplace who use their skills to make all kinds of lovely hand made and eco positive dog products, for dogs and their owners!! Some of the products include Cards and Stationary with pictures hand drawn, pet memorials created via the skill of glass blowing and all kinds of fabulous homeward such as cushions and oven gloves with beautiful dog patterns on!

The skills and dedication that go into hand made and home made really mean you are giving your dog something special, and although the cost may be a little more then buying from a large company, you know you are getting products made carefully, made to last, and packaged with a great deal of love! Packaging is more likely to be recyclable, with items wrapped in tissue paper and secure in correctly sized boxes, often with a hand written thankyou note or even a little treat for your dog!

Our chat with Lisa is here for you to have a list to and if you want to know more have a look at and get comfy as you’ll not know what to look at first!! If you have your dog’s birthday approaching you’ll find plenty of toys and treats, but if you have a dog loving family member or friend deserving a gift you’ll find plenty for them too – maybe for Mother’s Day!!

Some of the more well known brands that are UK and Eco made are Beco, The Innocent Hound, Green & Wilds and JR Pet Products – if you look up on Google for UK Dog Treats or UK Hand Made dog accessories etc you will find some fantastic and unique items!!

For this week, on our Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk FB page, we are running a thread for pet related UK businesses to post saying what they do or provide, how to contact and attach a photo or video so our customers can have a look and see what is about!! Come to

Just to also be clear – I’m not knocking products from around the world at all, but I do feel promoting some of the crafts and skills that are incredibly awe inspiring is something that needs doing, otherwise the skills won’t be used and will literally stop taking place, which would be incredibly sad!

Now, go spoil your dogs!! LOL!