Day 6 - Let’s Get Active!




For 6th December we are going to all get a little more active! 

We have our first Festive Trick to work on together!! 

Front Paws Up is fun to work on with our dogs and very safe even for puppies as long as we remember to keep items low, non slip and able to support our dog!

What you’ll need:

🎁 Something for your dog to work with such as a Hardback Book with ribbon tied around, sturdy box wrapped in Christmas paper or storage box with ribbon or tinsel tied around.

🎅 Small treats to reward

🎄 Advanced dogs need an item that won’t slide away or drop on its side!


Take a look at the tutorial; we start with foundations then bring in some progression for dogs who can already do the Paws Up Trick!!



Don’t forget to take a photo of your dog doing their festive Paws Up!

Well done so far and congratulations to everyone who messaged with their chosen Box Numbers on 5th!!