Day 13 - A Little Word Play!

Continuing the Festive Themed Fun we thought we would try something different!!
Anagrams are a word or words with the letters scrambled to look different and your task is to work out the correct words for each line!
Each one is either two or three words and they have been prepared in the correct number of words to help you get them right!
Everything has a Christmas Theme as well as Dog Theme – of course!!!
Can you decypher all 8?
If so, message us with the answers before midnight on 16th December for another entry into our Prize Draw!
What’s App / Text 07809 117912
Or Comment on our Facebook Posts about the Advent Calendar!
While you’re here – I have a bit of a favour!
As part of the Distinctive Dog Trainer Certification Course I’ve been working on since September I need some case studies to show dogs progression on a type of training (can be anything!) plus I need some reviews to show on our Social Media!
If you would be happy to be a case study for me to show something we are working on with your dog which would have either photos or videos of the beginning of the training and then achieving results we’d be able to offer you an extra Thankyou x