Day 1 - Wednesday 1st December!!

Welcome to our Virtual Doggie Advent Calendar at Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk!

Let’s start day one with something a little bit fun:

What is your dog’s Festive Name??

To play just work out your dog’s birth or gotcha month as well as their favourite thing to do or eat and you’ll get their Festive Name!!

We’d love to know what your dog’s name is!! Why not let us know of our Facebook Page:

My dogs are:
Merlin – Rudolph Sleigh Bells
Ripley – Jolly Gingerbread Man
Aero – Cranberry Santa Paws

Your Special Offer!!

To celebrate the first day of December and our Advent Calendar we have a special offer for you!! Choose any of our Online Dog Training Masterclasses at 50% off!! You can claim this until midnight on 10th December 2021 for any of our Masterclasses!! Just message us with ‘Advent’ and the name of your chosen course or ask for the information via What’s App on 07809 117912 or Email

Online Dog Training Masterclass List:
I’ll Be Back: Recall Training
Walk This Way: Leadwalking
Trim in Ten: Dog Fitness for over the Winter Months
Senior Dogs Fun Training
Puppy Lifeskills Masterclass
Canine Parkour Introduction
Nosework Introduction
Genius Gundog (Pet Gundog Training)
Sports Foundations (Puppy Safe)
Clever Clicker Training
Wag and Tone Training – Gentle Fitness for Dog’s and Owners