Day 9 - Time for a Treasure Hunt!

We LOVE a Treasure Hunt!

Usually we have prizes for the fastest person to find everything but as people will be seeing this at different times we are doing things a little differently!

You have 10 items to source examples of, just find them, arrange them in one place, call your dog and take a photo of the ‘treasure’ and your dog in one picture. Let us see this photo via FB (there’s a thread) or send via What’s App 07809 117912.


Here’s your Treasure Hunt List:

1. Something Green
2. A Christmas Tree
3. Something your dog likes to play with
4. A blanket
5. Something Star Shaped
6. An item made from Metal
7. Something your Dog could push (they don’t need to show this!)
8. Something that fits through the letterbox
9. An item your Dog could look through
10. An empty Poo Bag with a knot tied on it somewhereSo – we need 10 separate items. Think outside the box – the ‘treasure’ doesn’t need to be literal! Find an example of each item and take a photo with your dog – your dog doesn’t need to be posing!

You’ll be entered into our Prize Draw for posting or sending us a photo, if you have already been entered in the Prize Draw from another day’s Door then you get an additional entry!

There may also be prizes for some of our favourite photos such as funniest photo, best theme for Treasures etc.


More about the Prize Draw:

Our Prize Draw will be drawn after Christmas Day and we have some cool prizes for this including the main prize of a Doggie Bundle; Toys, Treats and more!

We have some great brands taking part and you can enter all the options to be entered into the Draw for FREE!

Don’t forget to check the other day’s on the Advent between now and Christmas!