Canine Hoopers is coming Monthly!!

We are really excited to finally be able to start our Monthly Hoopers Classes this month!!

Aimed at dogs and owners who have started their Hoopers Training and have trained in Hoopers at least 2-3 times to have covered all the equipment and be ready for progressing their skills and working on courses with some distance handling and we will be able to work on new course designs each month and have homework skills for you to work on that doesn’t require all the Hoopers equipment.

If you are looking to start Hoopers we will run more Intro to Hoopers Sessions very soon and have a waiting list for this, as well as progressive one off sessions for dogs who have done a little Hoopers and just need a little more practise to build their focus and help them towards working ahead of their owner.

Equipment dog’s will have worked on before joining the monthly class :
Hoopers Hoops – In straight lines, Arcs, Pinwheels etc
Tunnels – Hoopers Hoops may be 1, 2 or 3 metres long and 800mm width
Barrels – To go around in both directions with owner close by as well as several ft away
Tango Mat – To be comfortable moving across the mat on cue even when ahead of owner

If you have done some Hoopers with us, during our workshops or in 121 sessions, then this is the monthly class for you!! Starting this Saturday 11th September we will work outside, and if the weather one month looks to be wet and windy causing us to not be able to work outside I will contact everyone booked in to check if they would prefer to choose another date or to train indoors.

Each monthly session is 1 hour long and costs £15 per dog and handler team, £12 for VIP Club Members. You don’t need to commit to every month, and we will have a set number of spaces which once filled will then mean additional dogs are added to the waiting list and then following months if a dog cannot make it we will offer the space to dogs on the waiting list.

Let’s get our Hooper’s On!!