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Dog Training in
Essex & Suffolk.
Training Dates
Our classes run in structured block courses, with start dates coming round every few weeks. Please see below for the next commencement dates for Obedience, Agility and one off events. Please note these dates may sometimes change due to unforeseen circumstances so please contact us to check dates and times. Booking is essential for all classes, as we keep class sizes to a minimum, so please also contact us to check availability

Running in 11 week block courses

Tuesday 30th January 2018 - 6.30pm Beginners, 7.45pm Intermediate

Wednesday 7th February 2018 - 10.45am Intermediate (FULL), 12noon Beginners

Thursday 15th February 2018 - 5pm Beginners, 6.30pm Intermediate, 7.45pm Advanced

Saturday 3rd March 2018 - 12.45pm Beginners, 11.30am Intermediate (limited space!)

Tuesday 27th March 2018 approx - Beginners 10.30am, 11.45am Intermediate, 1pm Advanced

Where classes show as full we do have waiting lists and there are some times that a dog needs to come out of a class and this provides a space for someone else to join!

2 Hour one off Beginners Set Up Class! We run these 2 hour sessions throughout the year as an alternative for people working shifts or who are waiting for their course to begin but would like to get their dog started! Saturday 3rd February 2018.


Running Monday daytime and evening, Wednesday evening and Friday Morning - 6 week block courses
Dates to come for April / May

Unfortunately all of our Agility Classes are currently full. We do have waiting lists for all the Agility Classes, but this is based on waiting for a dog to leave the class before a new one can join.

We do however run one off Introduction and Progression training sessions and do hold one to one Agility Training during the weekdays and weekends - contact us for details!!

Intro to Agility session

If you are looking to try agility and see if your dog likes it while learning the foundation equipment then you will enjoy this one off session! For dogs of all training levels, over 8-10 months upwards (larger breeds to be over 12 months for flatwork, over 18 months for full height). We include jumps, dog walk, tyre jump, pause table and
weaves plus more! We have waiting lists for all agility classes and completing the Intro to Agility sessions helps you gain a great spot on the waiting lists!

Stage 2/3 Agility session
Stages 2/3 Agility Session for dogs who have done the Introduction - Progress your dogs Agility Training including linking several pieces of equipment together, extra equipment, short courses, left and right turns!


Children's Fun Half Term Holiday Classes
Easter Fun Kids Class - contact us for dates running during the Easter Holidays. Session for children aged between 7-11 years old, older and younger siblings can be involved also and discounts for more then one child with one dog between them.

School Holidays
2 hour class where the Children are the handlers!! Covering a combination of practical training exercises and tricks along with interactive exercises to learn about understanding their own dogs better. Including exercises from the Kennel Club's Safe and Sound Scheme, games with prizes to win for dogs and certificates to all children attending!


Continuing into 2017
We now offer Private Training Classes for you and your friends and family!
Designed for small groups of people who want to do their Dog Training with people they know but perhaps cannot all make the same time class, now you can book the time that suits you all!

We can work ok all areas of training including general obedience, agility, working dog training, heelwork to music, scent work etc.

This can be a one off session or you can choose to do them every month, bi-monthly, fortnightly, whatever suits you!

Ask Joe for details on this already popular private training solution!


Run as both 2 hour classes.

Part one of two 1 hour sessions for all Terrier Breeds
2 Hour Intensive fun class for all Terrier Breeds including Miniature Schnausers and Lancashire Heelers! Including obedience and other fun areas of training to help keep these kinds of breeds focus and interested in the training. Please ask fore more informaton on this class!

Terrier Fun Training Class Part 2 of 2
Second part of two linked one off fun training sessions for all Terrier Breeds including Miniature Schnauzers, Lancashire Heelers and Daschunds and Terrier Crosses – covering lots of exercises including focus work, obedience, tricks, heelwork to music and using basic agility also this session helps you teach your terrier breed to focus on you for walks and future classes and provides new training exercises to give your terrier breed stimulation and work to practise!

Here we will be progressing the skills and methods started in December that have been practised and will bring in more detailed training!

This is not a behaviour class, but is designed for Terrier type breeds who can be more easily distracted to work on focus and fun!


Next session Saturday 17th February

Introduction session to teach your dog the basic moves and how to start linking together

Our Intro to Heelwork to Music and Progressive Sessions are available to bring to your own club premises or to arrange in Ardleigh for your own smaller group of friends and family! We can arrange the training to suit
the dogs and owners in the class and their own training levels and capabilities.

Stage 2 Heelwork to Music Session for dogs who have done out Introduction session - applying moves as a small routine, adding more difficult moves plus props, using music to plan a routine and more!


Introduction to Tricks Training

Training with Kate Gasson, Certified Trick Dog Trainer and CAP 1 Clicker Trainer, you will get to work with your dog on a host of exciting tricks during this one off session!! Including tricks such as Peek a Boo, Hoop Jumps/Double Hoops, Jump Circled Arms, Moving Leg Weaves (forwards, back …), Paws on an item / Arm and Wipe Paws you and your dog will have a fun packed afternoon with lots to take away and practise!!

Props provided, progression for dogs who can already do a foundation trick and adjustments made for puppies, seniors or dogs with disabilities who maybe cannot jump or manoeuvre in a certain way.

Advanced Tricks and Props - Exciting session for dogs who have already started tricks to progress to more challenging exercises including using props for some amazing results! Including tricks such as pedestal work, closing/opening a door, paw wraps and distance tricks work this is one fun session!! Next session to be over the summer 2017.


We are halfway through our current Free Senior Dogs Online Class, come and have some fun with your older dog! - on our Senior Dog’s Group!

A brand new 6 week online class with new exercises taught each week for you to view, choose which ones you would like to teach your dog, and then work with your dog in your own time. The exercises will be a combination of Mental Stimulation, Body Conditioning, Body Awareness, Targeting, Item Interaction and more and you can leave the ones that don’t suit your own dog and stick to the ones you want to do!

The course is designed to give your Senior Dog’s a chance to learn some new exercises while spending extra quality time with you - there are also ways to adjust exercises if your Senior dog has disabilities or health issues - just ask in the group!!

The 6 week Senior Dog’s Online Class is free to take part in for the Current session and all dogs over 7 years old are eligible to take part!!

Saturday 14th October 2017 2.30pm-5.30pm
Held Indoors - people only

We have Dog First Aid coming back in October for a fourth time to run their fantastic Canine First Aid Course – for handlers only, no dogs, as we use the Recussitation dog to learn and practise!

You get a wealth of essential information which is helpful for home, walks and holidays plus anyone working with dogs or who takes care of family or friends dogs sometimes, as well as a great recap for people
who have experience in canine first aid as dog laws change regularly - plus you received an accreditation certificate at the end to show you have understood the contents of the session which is perfect for CPD
files. Booking is essential!

£45 to potentially save your dog’s life - I know a bargain when I see one! Currently recommended fee is £49.95 per person but we try and save our customers money where we can!

Please msg for more information for this session and to secure your space - last few spaces remaining :-)

Saturday 3rd February 2018

We have more of our one off 2 hour Beginners Classes taking place – great for people who work shifts and cannot make weekly classes these sessions have been designed to provide a host of foundation exercises
and basic behaviours. These sessions have also become very popular for people who want to get started sooner then their classes will be. Including Distance Control, Basic Recall, Heel Position, Stays, Loose Lead Walking plus talks on Playbiting and Jumping Up plus more.

If you know someone with a new dog or puppy who might be interest- ed in a one off training class to gather a host of safety and foundation training this could be for them!!

NEW Teach Your Dog To Do That - Tricks Training!!
Saturday 20th January 2018

Have you been watching ITV’s Tricks Training programme on Friday Nights?
We are excited to be bringing the tricks seen in this programme with Jo-Rosie and Nando across to Ardleigh for this training session following Joe’s training in August directly from creators of the show!

Tricks will include, but are not limited to, Open a Door, Ring a Bell, Close A Door, Switch On a Light, Tidy Toys, Fetch a Ringing Phone and more!!

We will be using positive reward based techniques covered on the workshop I attended and will be able to work with dogs of various levels - some basic tricks would help with this such as an understanding of Paw, a basic hold or play with a toy and a nose touch.

Very limited space already as I have a waiting list while working on setting the date but if you are interested there will be more of this workshop running!!

Fun Scentwork and Nosework Session -
Saturday 25th November 2017 2.30pm- 4.30pm

Due to popular demand we are running a Fun Session for Scentwork and Nosework - yes they are different!! When dogs use their noses to work they are receiving excellent mental stimulation which in turn tires dogs
out in a healthy way!!

Scentwork - We will be working on exercises including search and find, scent discrimination and Scent Cloth introduction.

Nosework - We will be introducing dogs to various new scents (dog’s who have started this will move onto a new scent, new dogs will be working with Birch scent) and teaching them how to search for the scent in order
that they then receive their reward. Using the same protocols as dogs trained to scent out cash etc in airports!!

This session is for all dog breeds, all ages and all training levels but would be best suited to dogs who are used to a training class envrionment so they can focus better, and who are comfortable with other dogs closer to them as we may be indoors due to the time of the year!

Maximum 8 dogs - may cap at 6 dogs.

Fun and Games of Concentration:
Saturday 10th February 2018 - 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Increase your dog’s focus the fun way! Put together using fun methods, exercises, games and concepts to help gain focus and calm for dogs who are easily distracted or have higher arousal drives. All Dog Breeds and
ages including puppies to take part in, who are comfortable around other dogs and people. introducing several types of skills and training games to your dog which in turn are great for bonding, relationship building,
focus and motivation!

Aimed at dogs and owners who like to learn new things as well as benefitting owners of easily distracted dogs. Limited available space - booking essential for handlers or spectator spaces.

Canine Parkour Session for Beginners and Advanced!!
Saturday 24th February 2018 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Our Canine Parkour Workshop is back!! For all Dog Breeds and ages over 6 months old to take part in, who are comfortable around other dogs and people. This is a mixed level session, working on progressing dogs who
have already started on some exercises as well as introducing new dogs - however it’s not a session to work on focus, motivation or reactivity; these areas would need to be covered in another style class.

We will be using equipment and props to work on exercises of Parkour that are generally suitable for most dogs and will be adapting them for each dog, while focusing on safety at all times!! Including Parkour exercises such as Between (forwards and backwards), Under, Go Round, Tic Tac (Rebound) and ‘straddle’!! There are many options in Parkour so there will be lots for each dog's abilities.

For more information about Canine Parkour have a look at the albums on our Facebook Page Here

Clicker Training Classes!!
Clicker Training Classes are underway and the feedback we are receiving is fantastic!!  Clicker Training is a very beneficial and effective form of training which helps us owners with our timing and praise, and helps dogs to understand what they are being praised for and which action they should repeat!!

Running as blocks of 8 week courses our current Clicker Classes are running Thursday mornings and are a Beginners level and then a Stage 2 level to progress. For all breeds and training levels you don’t need to have started any training to be able to take part!! You don’t even need a clicker as we provide these are part of the classes!! Small size classes of up to 6 dogs means more is covered and more individual attention!

For our next Clicker 8 week courses please contact us in the office!!

If you would like more information about Clicker Training or the Clicker Classes please contact Joe in the office at

Not sure if Clicker Classes are for you? Have a look at this link which explains a little more about Clicker Training!!

Stunt Dog Academy
Saturday 24th March 2018 at 2.30pm-4.30pm

Introducing our Exciting NEW Stunt Dog Academy Workshop!! This is a workshop for all fit Dog Breeds and ages over 12 months old to take part in (large breeds check with us due to growth plates), and who are comfortable around other dogs and people as there will be a lot of movement and excitement!!

Our Stunt Dog Academy takes Tricks Training and Canine Parkour Training and pushes them further, introducing more advanced types of exercises which are not higher impact or dangerous but do require dogs to have a
good basic level of training and focus to ensure they can learn thoroughly and safely. Exercises can be tailored to adjust for dogs with physical limitations or difficulties, but some adjustments may mean reverting back to a version of the exercise that has been covered already - but with new super props!!

** Our March Session is Full, and we are creating an additional April session which already has a large list of people interested **

More Workshops for April, May and June 2018

We have more workshops to add - there’s literally not enough weekends!!
These will include:
Wag It Games Intro
Wag It Games Progression
Clicker Training Workshop
Canine Parkour Intro
Canine Parkour Advanced
Stunt Dog Academy Intro Session
Treibball and Dog Ball training and trials
Teach My Dog To Do That - Tricks
Memory Training - Intro
Memory Training - Progression
Senior Dogs Training
Canine Conditioning
Wag And Tone

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