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Dog Training in
Essex & Suffolk.
Training Classes

We currently offer regular training classes in Obedience, Agility and Terrier Breed Specialist classes. For more information on these structured courses please read below and check out out Training Dates page for all the dates for the classes.

We also have new classes and one-off training events starting every few weeks at Ardleigh plus have new dog activities coming our way all the time so please do enquire if there is something you are interested in.


We run training classes for all breeds and ages all through the week, from Puppy and Beginners Socialisation classes through to Intermediate and Advanced levels of training. These classes run in 11 week structured block courses and allow each dog to progress weekly and develop their natural skills and instincts positively. Our classes are all held at our unit in Ardleigh, either in our unit or in the enclosed paddock, depending on the time of year and the weather! Our weekly classes are one hour per week and for puppies they can start in our classes once they have their Vaccinations - usually from 10-12 weeks onwards.

As experienced instructors and dog handlers ourselves we understand there is more then one method for teaching an exercise, and have numerous methods to enable all breeds of dog to understand what we are asking from them. We enjoy working alongside dog owners within the classes to help them develop their handling skills and a technique that is best suited to their own dog's breed and individual personality.

We welcome spectators to our classes so please contact us if you would like to come and view the premises, watch a class in action and have the opportunity to ask any questions face to face! Please see the Training Dates page for information on class days and times.

Obedience Classes
Obedience Classes

Our agility classes run all day on Mondays, from late morning through to the evenings, and are run as structured 6 week block courses. The classes begin with helping the dogs to build confidence around the equipment and from the beginning teaching the dogs to work away from their owner. In agility, dogs can work a course much better if they are looking ahead and listening rather than focusing on their owner by looking at them directly. We do not lure train, but work on sending dogs forward. Once dogs have covered the basics we move them forwards to mastering individual pieces of equipment, linking equipment together and building to more complex courses once they are ready.

Our biggest focus during these agility sessions is safety, and therefore we keep our class sizes small, enabling more space to work in and less time waiting for your turn. Each dog that joins our agility classes has a health questionnaire completed for them which enables us to keep an eye on the heath and safety of all the dogs we work with.

We run two kinds of agility classes. We have regular agility, for all breeds of dog, over the age of 18 months. This uses all equipment and will ensure dogs build up to working on the equipment at the correct height for their size, in accordance to Kennel Club Agility guidelines. This means anyone wishing to compete in the future will have the necessary skills. For dogs under 18 months we run Flatwork Agility, keeping every piece of equipment flat to reduce any risk of joint damage or injury. These classes are for all breeds, but we do ask that dogs have some basic obedience to ensure you get the most from the classes. Once a dog in Flatwork classes reaches 18 months they can continue with everything at its correct height, but have already learnt equipment names, linking courses, turning left and right etc.

Please contact us to come and watch one of our classes in action or for more information on the progression of agility training, the way we train or anything else regarding agility! Dates and times are detailed on the Training Dates page.

Agility Classes
Agility Classes
Joe Nutkins is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer and runs Canine Conditioning for dogs of all ages to help with a host of areas with our dogs, including one to one and classes;
  • Conditioning and Strengthening for Canine Athletes to prevent Injury
  • Senior Dogs exercises to keep older dogs mobile and pain free
  • Puppy exercises to help with confidence and to prepare for older activities inc agility, flyball etc
  • Canine Conditioning workshops to learn about keeping your dog strong and fit
Conditioning as a follow on for dogs who have recovered from injury, illness or post surgery once signed off. Conditioning work does not attempt to replace specialist work with a specialist such as a canine
physical therapist, chiropractor, hydro or laser therapist or veterinary specialist.

We also offer Wag and Tone fun workshops throughout the year where you get to train with your dogs on gentle fitness exercises to get you and your dog active and having fun together and the class includes a
support group on Facebook also with additional tutorials and exercise plans!

Children's Fun Half Term Classes
Children's Fun Half Term Classes

We run 2 hour classes during half term holidays where the children become the dog trainers! Using a combination of fun and safety our Half Term Children's class teaches children some regular training exercises, tricks, safety with their own dog and other dogs on a walk plus involves interactive games. Run in accordance with the Kennel Club's Safe and Sound Scheme. All Children are to be accompanied by an adult please.

  • For ages 7-11 years
  • Prizes for Children and the dogs plus fun things to take home
  • Certificate for all children attending
  • Small classes of up to 8 dogs per class

Bookings are currently being taken for our next Class - More Dates Coming Soon!


Terrier Breed Classes
Terrier Breed Classes

If you own a Terrier you will already know they have their very own personality and character! Our breed classes have been designed around the Terrier personality to provide specialised groups based on what makes Terrier’s ‘tick’, taken by our instructor Joe Nutkins who has hands on knowledge of training Terriers within classes and one to one training for many years plus training her own Norwich Terriers.

The Terrier Breed Classes run as one of 2 hour classes. They contain talks on Terrier behaviours and the way terriers tend to learn as well as exercises taught to work alongside their natural instincts to channel their energy positively rather then trying to work against it. The classes work with a combination of obedience, basic agility jumping and heelwork to music to give the dogs more variety for their personalities.

Terrier Breed Classes
Terrier Breed Classes

Heelwork to music
Heelwork to music

Heelwork to Music is a highly enjoyable and motivational canine activity which can also have a beneficial effect on other areas of your training as it increases your dog’s focus on you – helping in Obedience Class, competitions, Agility, K9 Multisport etc.

We run a two hour course to introduce you and your dog to Heelwork To Music – working through basic moves towards putting a short routine together. We now also have a Stage 2 class planned which introduces more tricky and stunning moves, creates routines, works on motivation and pushes on all of the moves learn during the Introduction class! Music provided at both levels!!!


Heelwork to music
Heelwork to music

We have Certified Tricks Instructors from Do More With Your Dog and provide Tricks Training within our classes as well as in 1-2-1 training, Tricks Workshops and in Joe's Facebook Trick Class, Cassimas Maximus!

Tricks Training opens up a world of fun and adventure for our dogs with various styles of tricks to suit every breed, age and training level of dogs and several levels of training to work through.

Next Introduction to Tricks Training - Coming Soon

Heelwork to music
Heelwork to music

We love our Golden Oldies and as part of our celebration of Senior Dogs we have our very own Senior Dog's Classes!! Created and launched in 2014 our 2 hour Senior Dogs Classes are for all breeds over 7 years old and combine brain stimulation, body conditioning, fun and information on keeping your older dog young at heart!

Our next Senior Dog's Class is Coming Soon

If you want to do more with your Senior Dog take a look at our Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk Senior Dog's Progress Awards ©!! Launched October 2015 this award scheme is designed to provide your older dog's with exercises they can learn and work on for brain work, balance, strengthening and body awareness, making these awards both fun and practical!! Take a look at our Facebook Group - which shows the guidelines for our Level 1 & 2 awards for all dogs over 7 years, and levels 1 & 2 for dogs over 11 years (and over 8 for Giant breeds).

For our Senior Dogs Progress Awards © there is the option of being assessed during our Senior Dog Classes or any of our training, one an allocated test day, or online video video or youtube link which can be uploaded on the Facebook Group or via email (Facebook will be seen quicker do our large volume of client emails) - once assessed we will confirm you have passed plus provide feedback and issue your Official Certificate!!

Our Senior Dog Progress Awards © will have their own page here soon with downloads for the exercises and guidelines, entry forms etc - everything currently is on the Facebook Group, which is free to join.

Check out Joe's Ebooks especially for training senior dogs on Amazon here - Senior Dogs DO Learn New Tricks! An Ebook guide to easing your adult dog into veteran years and to help your senior dog enjoy their time with you even more!

NEW Super Skills for Senior Dogs - Tricks Training specifically for older dogs and also suitable for dogs with disabilities to achieve fantastic tricks! Check it out here

Next Courses - More Coming Later in 2019

Launched in Autumn 2015 our Clicker Classes proving a lot of fun!!
Clicker Training is a very beneficial and effective form of training which helps us owners with our timing and praise, and helps dogs to understand what they are being praised for and which action they should repeat!!

Running as blocks of 8 week courses our new Clicker Classes are for all breeds and training levels, and you don’t need to have started any training to be able to take part!! You don’t even need a clicker as we provide these are part of the classes!! Small size classes of up to 6 dogs means more is covered and more inidividual attention!

Taken by Kate Gasson, CDTI, Certified Dog Training Instructor through Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk and CAP 1 Distinction!

Kate has her one off Clicker Workshop running later this year which is a great way to learn about using a Clicker for your dog training and for people who already use a clicker but would like to enhance their current skills further!