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Dog Training in
Essex & Suffolk.

Joe Nutkins

'I have been taking classes from puppy level through to advanced for 9-10 years now and have worked with a great many breeds with varying personalities! I qualified in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour with my diploma Level III several years ago and since then have continued taking part in training for both myself and my own dogs to keep us up to date!

In the last couple of years I have continued to develop my own skills as a Dog Training Instructor, and joined the Kennel Club's Accreditation Scheme in 2012 which I am now nearing completing. I also retrained to become a Certified Tricks Dog Trainer with Do More With Your Dog in 2014, and also qualified to be a Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze level Examiner in August 2014, meaning I can help even more people and their dogs! In November 2015 I completed my Pet Bereavement Counsellor Certificate meaning I can help owners at a sad and difficult time of their lives where needed, and throughout 2015 and Spring 2016 I worked on my Canine Fitness Trainer certificate with Debbie Gross from Wizard of Paws and am thrilled to be able to offer Canine Conditioning, Fitness and Strengthening to dogs of all ages for general fitness, strength post injury and operation (after signing off from vet or physio) and strengthening for older dogs. In October 2014 I was also thrilled to be nominated for the Kennel Club's Accredited Instructor's Award by my clients and members of our classes, which was amazing!

In September 2015 I tried my very first Heelwork to Music competition,
at Paws in the Park, after years of dabbling in HTM. Taylor and Merlin
competed in Starters Freestyle and Starters Dances with Dogs with
rosettes for 3rd, 4th and 6th places over the weekend, plus Merlin was
part of a team competition for Dances with Dogs and took 2nd place in
Novice and his team were 3rd overall!

I was even more thrilled to be nominated by several clients again for the Royal Canin GCDS Award, Outstanding Achievement category and to be through to the final 4. In fact I'm proud to say the finalist was one of our own class members who I had nominated for the same award!

I enjoy working with owners and all breeds, but do have additional knowledge with training terriers and small breeds also for both safety on walks and up to competition level.

I own three adult Norwich Terriers who through hard work and enjoyment have worked through all levels of classes to result in Cassie competing at Open and Obedience and Taylor competing at Agility and Jumping classes. Both dogs thoroughly enjoy the ‘work’ they do, and additionally have all achieved their Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold. As of May 2015 Taylor and Merlin are also Trick Dog Champions and Cassie achieved her Expert Trick Title, just months before turning 15!

Cassie also does a lot of demo work for me in the classes and at shows as well as dabbling in Heelwork to Music, K9 Multsport and UK Rally O. Taylor has done Working Trials training, also enjoys K9 Multisport and is a registered Pets as Therapy dog!! Both Cassie and Taylor have also been taking part in demonstrations and displays at shows including All About Dogs for Obedience and local shows for Agility and most recently Taylor took part in Sports Relief Top Dog to help with this worthwhile charity.

Our newest addition - Merlin our youngest Norwich Terriercame to us in February 2012 and is already a confident, happy little man! He is Taylors Nephew and has been concentrating on Showing, which was a brand new discipline for me too so we were both learning plenty! Merlin passed his Bronze Good Citizen award in May 2012 aged 5 1/2 months along with his pal Bronte (Lancashire Heeler) and started his showing in June 2012. He also qualified for Crufts 2013 during East of England Show in July!!! Merlin went on to achieve his GCDS Silver and Gold last summer and 'and again headed to Crufts in 2014 and 2015, this time with his aunt Cassie and uncle Taylor too!

I thoroughly enjoy working with both owners and their dogs on all levels, and find it so very rewarding seeing owners and dogs working together, enjoying each other’s company and progressing in whatever they aim to achieve!

I have been an Instructor within the classes at Dog Training For Essex & Suffolk for 3 years now and have been training here for several years, bringing my own dogs through to Advanced level plus other activities such as Agility and Scent work. I love working with all breeds of dog and have additional experience with Dogs from Rescue and with larger and stronger breeds.

I currently have two rescue dogs. Ned my male Boxer X who is a high chase dog that likes to keep busy. He is extremely intelligent and wants to work constantly, which has given me the opportunity to work on both fun exercises as well as working through the behaviours that accompany chase instincts.

My second dog, Tilly, is a full Boxer who loves to retrieve. She likes to be kept active and enjoys a good run as well as training, but not quite at the same level way as Ned. Tilly was very nervous when we got her and very noise sensitive and also had bad separation anxiety, so we took training with her a little more slowly but now she is confident, very happy and you wouldn’t know she had ever been in another home!

I only hope you have as much fun training your dog(s) as much as I have mine, and enjoy the challenges and achievements involved in working with dogs and their owners on a daily basis!

I have been part of the Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk team since summer 2014 and have completed Instructor Training with Joe in 2015 and became a Certified Trick Dog Instructor in May 2015. My own dog, Boo, Border Collie (with 1/8 Poodle!) and I have worked in Competition Obedience, Tricks Training, Clicker Training and have started Agility and some Heelwork to Music fun also! Boo is currently finishing her Expert Level tricks and will soon be on her Champion Trick Title! I have passed my CAP 1 Assessment with Distinction in October 2015!

My previous work as a Horse Trainer along with my Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Training through Compass has helped me develop my skills as a Dog Training Instructor and I am really looking forward to working with dogs and their owners, especially with the new Clicker and Tricks classes that I am teaching!!